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This program is perfect for you if...

Your brain is filled with jumbled ideas of what your brand is or could be, but you can't figure out how to piece it together or what to do with all your ideas.


You need an expert's help with how to build your business' brand book, which is the heart and soul of your brand


There's a lot of confusion about who your business is and what it stands for.


You're tired of just being part of the pack. You want to stand out and rise above your competitors.

What's Included:


➽ Comprehensive e-book with worksheets to guide you through the process

➽ Robust training videos for each chapter and module

➽ Custom Canva templates for your brand book


Unlike other courses that leave you hanging after you complete the last module. Our program includes one, 1-hour video conference meeting where one of our brand strategists will review your brand book and share insights and recommendations.

Be a brand. Charge your worth.

BBB includes a BONUS 1:1 evaluation with a strategist



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64% of consumers say that sharing the same values with a brand is the primary reason they have a relationship in the first place. (Harvard Business Review)

Hi! I’m Nicole, your new Branding Bestie.


I hope to spend a lot more time with you, so here’s a little bit about me. I started an agency, HALCON Marketing Solutions, after a decade working for the nation’s top media companies. I loved working large, international brands, but I discovered my real passion is helping entrepreneurs like YOU transform your business into a brand, and reach your target audience. Why?

Because I felt like my work made a direct and visible impact on my client’s businesses and overall mindset. Cheesy as it sounds, I truly felt like I was helping people. It was all love, no red tape. I love my small business, personal branding, and coaching clients and it’s been an absolute joy watching them thrive and take ownership of their brand identities. I’ve been mentored by some of the best in the industry, and I’m looking to "pay it forward” and this is how I’m going to do it.

Over a Decade of Experience With the Nation’s Top Media Companies

What to Look Forward to

How to craft a brand persona that is 100% authentic and will resonate with your target audience, a.k.a the segments that will actually find value in your message.

How to get your core team and employees excited about your business again and ready to sell, sell, sell!

We lay it all out for you in ONE document in SIMPLE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND. It's everything you need to clarify your message and establish a brand identity that you can be proud of.

Unlike other courses, articles, and blogs, I tell you what you need to do AFTER you build your brand and complete your brand book. We don’t leave you hanging!

Make this the year that...

Brand interactions increase and you receive new leads and connections.

You’re a thought leader in your industry and people are eager to listen to what you have to say.

You exude confidence daily instead of anxiety and doubt. You're respected by your customers and competitors alike.

Ready to jump in?


Get ready to be seen as the top echelon in your chosen industry by your peers AND customers


Sleep soundly at night knowing you know EXACTLY who you are as a business and what you need to do to connect and convert


No more “huh?” “what?” or “I don’t get it.” We dissect the brand-building process for you, so it’s easy to understand. You can do this!


Training videos, workbooks, & templates you have access to FOREVER.

I'm Ready

Stephanie Korpal

Marble Wellness

"Through just a few conversations, Nicole was able to translate my verbal explanation of what I want my business to represent into a beautiful visual through a brand & style guide, as well as a logo.”

Debbie Rudawsky

Town & Country Bridal and Formalwear

"She has a profound ability to "get" our business. She has already had a positive impact not only on my business but also my team. They are more motivated than every to help our company grow and to strengthen our brand."

Angie Williams

Wedding Workshops & More

"We recently made such a great decision to team up with Halcon Marketing and couldn't be happier with their service. They helped us refine our message, gain more focus and gave us a great platform to speak to our clients during this unprecedented time in the world.”

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